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You are the one that Started this. And now You are Dancing Around. .The metal vent pipes stick up out of the roof , the top side of the roof , the metal vent pipes are not grounded with a -separate- ground wire. The metal vent pipes provide an easy path for lightning to travel to the metal housing that holds vent motors in the bath rooms , laundrey room , kitchen and etc. and etc. . The vent motors are connected to the electric wiring of the house. And then there are the metal vents that are on/in the roofs of many houses , the metal vent is on the out side/top side of the roof , these metal vents allow heat to escape out of the attic. These metal vents are not grounded with a -separate- ground wire. And then there are the many nails that have the points of the nails pointing in to the attic space , the points of these nails act as lightning directors that spray electric lightning all over the houses electric wiring that is in the attic.

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