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Originally Posted by John Candle View Post

"Also think about this , some houses have metal roofs , are the metal roofs grounded with ground wires. Also think about this , some houses have metal siding , is the metal siding grounded with a ground wires?"
When I observe installation such as metal roofs and siding I see important distinctions.

Unlike a metal roof system, the antenna system enters the occupied space, therefore reasonable steps should be taken to reduce (eliminate is impossible) the possibility that a fault condition could cause hazardous voltage to be present in the occupied space or that fault current could pose a fire threat.

In the case of metal siding, I know that codes address mobile-home grounding in-part because it is not desirable to permit the siding or frame of the trailer to become energized in a fault situation.

My hope is that more people will support OTA television and enjoy it safely.
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