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Channel 29 in DFW (KTXA, KPFW, KNAV)

The FCC's database is a bit of a mess regarding the use of RF channel 29 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. As a result there are several errors in the TVFool results:
  • KTXA is currently broadcasting on RF channel 18 with 220 kW ERP, while KPFW is broadcasting on RF 29 with 7 kW.
  • KPFW and KTXA are expected to swap RF channels later this year. After the swap KTXA will be on RF 29 with 1000 kW ERP and KPFW will be on RF 18 with 15 kW.
  • KTXA's virtual channel is 21.1 (from their old analog channel) and KPFW's is 18.1 (in anticipation of the upcoming swap).
  • KNAV applied to move to channel 29 before all this was decided, but this will no longer happen. KNAV has extended their construction permit for a digital companion station on RF 12 with 299 watts ERP, and has also applied to flash-cut to digital on RF 22 with 2.5 kW ERP. (The 150 kW analog broadcast on 22 has been off the air for some time, possibly due to interference with KETK in the Tyler/Longview area.)
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