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Originally Posted by Kona Blue View Post
Tower Guy
Thanks for the feedback. The two separate antennas are what I am leaning towards but need a little bit of clarification on the external tuner. Are you referring to a signal combiner up in the attic as I would like to use only one signal cable down to the TV?

Can you make a recommendation on which reasonably priced antennas I should be shopping for?

I have read where the cables from each antenna need to be the exact same length and type and the antennas should be around 2-4 feet apart. Am I correct?

I would consider a ANT-751 for the Canadian stations. I would not recommend trying to combine that antenna at all. I’d suggest that a second US antenna get connected to an inexpensive HDTV tuner that is connected to an HDMI input of your TV set.

The best antenna for the Buffalo stations would depend on if you want to try for NBC, ABC, and CBS, which would require that you install that one antenna on the roof.
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