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Take a look at this link to see an up to date list of stations;

It is an approximation of your location.

Realistically, there are only two Buffalo stations that will work for you with an attic antenna, WUTV and WNED. Also, CTV (CFTO) is on VHF channel 8.

An eight bay UHF aimed in two directions may work and may not work, as multi path increases with antennas aimed in two directions. That is made even more likely with an antenna in the attic. You are a better candidate for two antennas each with their own down lead; a VHF/UHF for Canadian stations, and a second UHF only for Buffalo. You would use an external tuner for the stations in Grand Island. Due to adjacent channel issues reception of the Buffalo stations located in Colden and Boston, south of Buffalo, would be impossible unless you install an outdoor antenna with sufficient rejection of channel 35 from Hamilton.

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