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What are these spectrum?

RABBIT77 introduced me to the wonders of Software Defined Radio (SDR). (Thanks Rabbit!)

I have downloaded and installed sdrsharp, a free app that gives a live display of a 2 Mhz slice of a 6Mhz station live

I have also downloaded and installed rtld scanner which displays a snapshot of a range of frequencies.

Both can be found by googling and require a $25 capture dongle.

So, I have been scanning the TV spectrum using my DB8e antenna on my roof. Can anybody help identify what is happening in the following 3 scans?

First is a scan of 620-638Mhz, channels 39, 40, and 41. What is that from about 622-627 mhz, the upper part of ch 30 and the lower of 31?
and what is that around 634 mhz in ch 41?

Next is 566-578 Mhz, Ch 30 and 31. The pilots look like they might be in the correct locations for the channels, and we do have a local ch 30 but I have no idea what is happening on 31. Is this all noise or week signal?

And finally is a scan of the Hi-VHF band. The DB8e is notoriously bad at VHF. Does any of this look like possible stations that I might be able to get with a different antenna?

Thanks a lot for looking!
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