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Can I purchase just an FM trap for a reasonable price?

It’s too bad I couldn’t pick up a filter for a reasonable price that would let me insert just channel 23 from a second antenna as I don’t have any other channels around that frequency.
Channel Master used to make a device called the Jointenna, but they are no longer available. A custom AC7 filter for real channel 23 from Tin Lee is over $100, and there would still be PBS missing. You would need to talk to one of their engineers and email your TVFOOL report to him.

Forum member mulliganman uses an AC7 to join Fox on real channel 49 from a 91XG with a VHF/UHF C2V antenna.
question regarding overamplification
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But I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself; see what you can do in the attic.
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