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so with the talk of horizontal tv antenna tell me are they better that the one i have listed and talking about here? i tried searching for pictures on the one i have and for the mst part all i find are horizontal type tv antennas. the one i put up for my girl is shown and it get all the local stations i get plus a few more, and it is this puny 4' lont pc of cpvc pipe with coax running out the bottom, i know it has the coas inside and don't know anymore about how it is set up inside.
but in the research for the most part i see horizontal type home made tv antennas. no i have no knowledge of the names of these but the talk here is horizontal waves. i do not want to take a class on the technology of the tv broadcasting but it seems to me the pole type i have wi more suited to omni directional pickup rather than a horizontal style that will only receive perpendicular to the sender. now i learned that from radios year ago when the dipole inside them would not receive if i pointed the rod like a gun barrel to the towers. so the only want i can see a horizontal type antenna getting 360 deg signals is if it is like a cross on it's side. am i correct or not.
i say this because i have 3 antenna on my roof now and they are all pointing 3 different directions and they are the yagi type or horizontal beams. and they seem to do a bit of interfering of each other and that little pole antenna i put up for the girl gets way more than i get. thanks
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