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I was just going under the technical theory "bigger is better."
That is usually true.
Am I overkilling?
Not too much. I just wanted to be sure you knew the difference in size between an antenna for VHF-Low + VHF-High + UHF and an antenna for VHF-High + UHF.

VHF-Low: real channels 2-6, 54 to 88 MHz
VHF-High: real channels 7-13, 174 to 216 MHz
UHF: real channels 14-51, 470 to 698 MHz

Your report:

Channel Master CM-3020 AKA Advantage 100

Bandwith 54 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
VHF Gain 8.6dB
UHF Gain 9.5dB
Max Element Width 95"
Boom Length 152"
Weight (product) 7 lb
Wind Resistance (at 100 mph, no ice) – 37 lb

CM-2020 AKA Digital Advantage 100

Bandwith 174 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
VHF Gain 7.5dB
UHF Gain 10dB
Max Element Width 61"
Boom Length 90.5"
Weight (product) 4.5 lb
Wind Resistance (at 100 mph, no ice) – 38 lb

The final decision is up to you.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
Lord Kelvin, 1883

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