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Sorry, I should have been clearer on the picture. This is a stock photo from the internet I was using to show the mounting hardware I was thinking of using. I have nothing purchased or mounted so far. Just trying to get my ducks in a row.
My roof has no additional eaves.
I do not need VHF Lo.
The antenna I have my eye on is the Channel Master CM-3020.
To gain added rigidity to the pole I will be running it all the way down into the ground.
I was looking at the eave last night and think I may have a plan to strengthen the antenna from wind. About 4' to the left is my chimney. I may run some type of bracket from the chimney to the pole. Can only help.
I really really appreciate all of this input to help in my decision making. Very useful info.
I am going to crawl up in the attic this weekend to see if I can get to the area the mount will be bolted. Would like to be able to add some 2X4 pieces to bolt into if I can get there.

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