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I received my Xg-91 and amp in the mail yesterday and it took me about 1hr to set everything up. Did my tv scan and results came up 2 Analog, 30 digital. Pointed the antenna like you said at 225 degrees and of course I get all stations in Charlotte no issue, however a couple of my locals like channel 12-1 (WXII) seems to have some issue. Of course there's channel 36-1 which is also NBC but I don't plan on watching their local news like I do on WXII. One of those things where I can deal with it, as I think the only way around this would be a rotor....not something I wanta deal with right now.

Out of the 30 stations, I may really watch maybe 8-10 since most are duplicates coming from Charlotte, however, the ones i am getting are free and the quality of HD is simple amazing. Again I cannot emphasize the word "free" which makes it even better

Thanks again for all the help. I saw this article in yahoo yesterday and thought you'd find it interesting!

Thanks again!
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