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Advice in 27012 (clemmons, NC) area

I am looking to install an outdoor antenna and are looking for advice on exactly what to get. I currently have cable, but rarely watch TV and when I do its mainly locals anyway, so it only makes since for me to go the free route.

Here's my map:

I already have a mast on my roof from a previous satelite dish and it's positioned almost at the highest peak of my roof, with an RG6 cable already that runs directly to my TV. That said, I would like to use this and are not looking to hook up a rotar as I could careless about stations in another city. I know I've got a slew of stations in the Charlotte area, but frankly most would be duplicates anyway (i.e. NBC, etc.) so here's the MAIN stations I'm looking to get.

2-1 (CBS), 8-1 (FOX), 12-1 (NBC), 20-1 (CW), 45-1 (ABC), and maybe PBS. NBC (12-1) is very important though, as this is the main station I watch. Looks like a lot of the stations I need are around 105degrees but NBC is showing 360 so this kind of concerned me.

Far as the land layout, I've already got a compass and measured were 105 degrees is and I will say in the distance I do have a ton of tree's, so hopefully that won't be an issue. For that matter, even in the Charlotte direction has trees.

Thanks for any help, as I'd like to get something installed in the next week. Thanks!
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