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Ota is being sabotage by pay tv

That my point exactly. Sabotage is the word MTownsend, that were looking for. Buying all show and people they can to keep everyone paying. If you notice they charge viewers fees, take the money buy up top programming to keep them paying. Until people realized what going on and take action it will continue to happen.

My goal is to alert as many people as possible and get the word out. Thank to the tv fool forum it will help.

NBC will probably stay OTA because of the FCC. If up to comcast it would be cablelized to make money.
But if it did some how it would be good to see all the affiliates join together and form their own OTA net. Channel could be; variety, Sports, News, movies, cowboy movie, adventure, action or vedio/music old setcom 3 stooges, green acres and much more. Probably could make more money across the board and spilt it with out the parent NBC. There are many opportunities no matter what.

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