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Go higher or go better?

I purchased a medium sized antenna from HHGregg before they went out of business and I pulled my satellite dish from the roof and installed my antenna on its pole. The antenna is about 10 feet off the ground. Where I live we are kind of in a hole if you will and there are tall trees surrounding our home.

I currently use an RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier for Outdoor Antenna and a powered splitter in my attic. The antenna I believe is an RCA ANT751R.

I can currently get ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox but Fox and especially CBS would break up often. I'm interested in only these major networks.

My question is, should I go higher up with an extension pole with my current antenna or purchase a good antenna like a Winegard HD7698P Platinum Series.

Also, is it possible to install two antenna facing different directions but combine them so a motor is not necessary? With the correction position I can get all channels but CBS still suffers. I'm just trying to cover all the bases. Please suggest an antenna or antennas. I would greatly appreciate the help!

If anyone would like me to generate a different report, please let me know.

Many thanks!
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