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Fringe reception help

Hi Everyone,

I'd appreciate anyone who could review my scenario as follows and provide me with your thoughts and guidance. Thanks very much!

I recently installed a 72’ DMX tower. I use an 91XG UHF yagi and Stellar Labs 30-2476 VHF antenna. I run them through the RCA pre-amp. It was my intent to use a CM7777 pre-amp, but I've had poor luck with both out of box issues as well as reliability/durability issues so went with the RCA as it has a nice dual VHF/UHF connector. I have a straight run of 100' of RG6 from the antenna into the television.

TV fool report is here -

I receive all of my local channels with no issues.

It was my hope to receive the Detroit and mid Michigan channels with more regularity during non tropo events. All of these transmitters are between 100 and 110 miles of my location and are TROPO only according to tv fool.

With my current set up and tower height, I always have an active signal on these channels, however, it often has drop outs and signal fluctuations ranging from 0 – 60 % strength - (there are some variances where I can get a good lock – generally late at night in favorable weather – and this is during non TROPO events – when there is tropo I receive all Detroit transmitters easily). I know I’m on the extreme edge of reception at these distances, however, with a constant signal there, I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do to solidify these stations? Or, am I simply too far away and terrain prohibited from expecting any further enhancements?

Thank you,
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