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i will see if i can chop it closer for you. see if this works better if not i will retake it but i can't get any closer.

as far a directionality where we live we have stations to the north east and south east and it get them all real good. some days she gets pixelation on the stations that are like 40 miles away but for the most part she says it does a good job. i used it at my house 2 years ago and it did not add anything to my channel selection. but now that we have all talked about this it may have been the other antennas were canceling out this antennas ability to add to the pot.

i then tried it last summer by taping it to a pc. pipe and leaning it against the front of my house and i got all the stations but they were iffy at the most they worked some days and then other days some when away, thank may have been due to not being up on the roof. so what i want to do is get another one but bud died and i have no clue about this. so this spring i guess i will have to take this one apart and see how it is made and then make a few more.

bud operated the muskegon tv40 then 39 called wmkg. so he must have had some idea about how to make them.
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