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Yes others will post :)

not sure if this will help our OP though. I have a digital in the main tv area of living room and an analog Curtis Mathes 1985 model- 27", that came with a glass front protector screen(?) just like the old stereo consoles had- my "obsolete" TV has four coax connectors on the back. Many audio including a stereo audio connex etc etc, this "old obsolete" has FOUR COAX connex, the DIGITAL in liv. room has ONE. And, like yourself, must be scanned for CATV and re-Scanned for OTA, and won't smoothly scroll through both types of channels as you surf, nor display them all at same time.

The "old obsolete" set I have Can. This is how I do it:
CATV coax fed DIRECT - not thru the digi-OTA converter box! just right to TV input
I do have the digi-OTA converter with coax line to one of the free ANT IN on TV set
I can also record cable shows (no OTA! because its digital- but to be honest I never attempted it with this VCR so I don;t know for certain) : I have this VCR, bought for 7.00 Goodwill looks brand new has original stickers from the store on it, and they are selling it for 600 on Amazon? Also found badly beat up one on line for 300., I have no clue why so expensive?

Mind You, this only allows for CATV channels up to No.s 99 and below, no QAM or digitals sorry-

Also, with the analog sets, you have no "lag time" which I find unacceptable and one of the reasons I stick to my "old" equipment- that is faster, offers me MORE options, so- which one is the "old outdated" one again? I always was told newer is faster and has more- but the old set has more options for me that I like to use.
PS- not meaning to remove the OP's original question, and I DO hope he gets an answer, but anyone have any idea why this VCR I have is so costly? is it just a great machine or are they hard to find? just wondering is all

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