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Originally Posted by Jamienk View Post
I just got a Tivo Roamio for Christmas and I'm having problems with poor reception. I had a TivoHD box previously where the Roamio is hooked up now, and didn't have any issues.

The TivoHD is now hooked up to a TV in my basement is is getting OTA via a Mohu MH-ANT1000 Leaf HDTV Antenna Hooked up through the cable system that was previously in my house. The signal goes to both the TivoHD and the Roamio boxes, but only the Roamio has reception issues.

Below is a link to my signal analysis results:
If you tried both units on the same coax and the Roamio has problems, it's either defective, or just poor quality.

Of course, I'm talking about interchanging them, w/in a few minutes and not like well, the other one worked when you used it a few months ago. Right?

Too bad it was a gift, but that's how it goes sometimes.
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