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Thanks for your HELPFUL replies! (Rapidfire too!)

You must visit here OFTEN to reply so quckly!
THANK YOU very much!

YEARS ago (about 1965?) at my parents' home I stacked FOUR 10-element wide-spaced YAGI's for channel 7! They worked great! I was pulling in COLOUR from WWNY-TV Watertown, NY from Ottawa, Ontario Canada about 120 miles away!

I wish I knew NOW what I knew today! I have a very nice photo of that array including tower and two FINCO FM-5 10 element YAGIs stacked on a rotor to scan the "heavens" for FM stations in Ontario, Quebec and NY State!!!

It is amazing to me that when only 21 years old I KNEW the spacing and got the phasing right for those Channel 7's!

THOSE were the days!

My TODAY project is so "minor" by comparison and I'm not sure of what to do!

My understanding was that as you increase the number of directors, you "squeeze" the front lobe making distance LONGER and the antenna aiming is more critical due to the narrow lobe!

Sound right?

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