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Smile Request for help with YAGI Calculator

I downloaded the software for "Yagi Calculator", an item I have searched for on the Internet for some time now.....SO I am grateful for THAT!

I have a manufactured 5 element YAGI cut for Channel 13. I want to extend the boom and add FIVE more directors to increase the gain, directionality and front-to-back ratio.
Can someone help me to get the numbers right before I start cutting and screwing the aluminum tubing I will be using? I will use materials similar to the original antenna (salvaged from an unused Channel 5 antenna)
Will all of this WORK for me and will the effort increase the GAIN much for me?

Would I be better to duplicate the 5-element YAGI and use stacking bars? What length would the stacking bars be? How do I calculate that? Is it 1/2 wavelength between the antennas, and reverse phase on one or something?

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