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Originally Posted by BrianHawthorne View Post
Hi, new to OTA, please excuse me if this is a dumb question. I’ve got a Channel Master 2018 temporarily sitting in a 2nd story bedroom. Pointed 39 degrees magnetic.
Here’s my radar map plot:

I get ABC, NBC now and some other channels. I’d like to get WFSB, but can’t. Report shows co-channel interference. I’m not sure, but maybe the interference is with WTIC, I don’t need WTIC. Is there a way to cure the co-channel interference issue? Thank you!
Hello, Brian. Thank you for the report. You do have co-channel interference, but it is now different because of Repack channel changes.

WFSB has co-channel interference on real channel 36 from WCBS also on 36. WFSB is only about 4 dB stronger than WCBS; it needs to be at least 16 dB stronger. However, since WCBS is in the opposite direction, a high gain directional UHF antenna with a good Front to Back ratio should make WCBS weaker.

This report from is probably more up to date:

This is an extract from that report:

If you try the 2018 in the attic aimed at WFSB and still don't get it, there are several other things you can try.

The first would be to put a large sheet of cardboard covered with aluminum foil behind the 2018 to block the WCBS signal from the rear.

If that doesn't work, then you will have to do something more complicated like GroundUrMast suggested.

I suggest a two antenna solution. Use the 2018 as a VHF antenna without a preamp, and use an Antennas Direct 91XG or Solid Signal HDB91X with a preamp for UHF. You could try the DB8e for UHF, but the yagi antennas have a higher F to B ratio.

Combine the VHF antenna with the UHF antenna and its preamp with an Antennas Direct UVSJ UHF/VHF Combiner. That UVSJ will pass power to the UHF preamp.

The VHF antenna doesn't need a preamp for ABC.

I can't guarantee that will work with all those trees, but I think it's you best chance if you can't go outside.


UHF Ant > preamp >
                 UVSJ > coax > power inserter > TV
    2018 for VHF >
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