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Originally Posted by RealmSteel View Post
This is what I needed today to install my antenna
At least one good quality extension ladder.
Tape measure, cordless drill with bits and nut drivers, proper stripper, crimper tool for ends. Level, wrenches, pliers, compass, wire ties, Scotch33 electrical tape(my favorite), various fasteners, RG6 coax, etc.

Lastly, it's best if you are working up high, to have an assistant to hold the ladder and help if you get yourself in trouble. If I have to work by myself, I always make sure I have my cellphone.

I assume you have at least one gable end.
Try to avoid trees directly in your path if possible.
I just saw a mast mount that attaches to the peak of the gable end and also has a horizontal brace some distance down. Do a Google of "Antenna mount eave" and look at the pictures.
I am going to switch my mount to something like this. I am currently using a piece of pipe that fit inside the J mount from the previous satellite dish. I made a stainless steel plate that lag bolted into the eave right at the peak that the J mount screws t.o While it seems to work fine, I don't like how it does not have a brace some distance down for leverage. If a really good wind comes, I am afraid it could tear off the peak.
Any bolts you screw into your house, use a good quality silicone or rubber based sealant.

Use high quality silicone and make sure everything is very tight and doesn't jiggle around. If you install a bolt and it strips or doesn't engage solid material, either install another bolt near it to take the load or move the mount and seal the open holes.

Use cable clips to run the coax and install them along the eave right under the roofing shingles. Where ever you plan to drop the cable down, run it back along the soffit to the wall and straight down. Little drip loops are good to have so water doesn't run along the cable and back to the house.

What types of ends should I buy?
There is another thread going on right now about connectors.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the details.

Regarding my roof, I have no gable ends and all sides have gutters.
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