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The antenna model number is ANT3036WR. We will replace the preamp. What do you suggest? The reason why we are aiming at 84 degrees is to get ION, which we get at about 75% reception. We really do not want to give that up which is why we didn't turn the antenna to the 300degree mark. We did have it in that direction initially but no Ion. If we turn it to the 300 degree mark we do get all networks except Ion so that may be the tradeoff. I was just very confused why the ABC-WPVI is on the same line as KYW and we get that perfectly and 0 from ABC-WPVI. We do get WHYY at 50% so we are ok with that. Pointing it at Philly gives us everything we want except ABC so were not able to watch the NASCAR race which kind of dissappointed my husband so I thought I might see if a better antenna/preamp would work or if we are pretty well stuck.
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