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Originally Posted by kenj66 View Post
Hey, hi guys! I didn't realize this old topic had received some interest.

The main reason though I am adding another post here is to complain! Yes, complain! The HW180 has a rather complete OTA program guide feature which I have not seen on any HDTV. I have read that if you pay $2500 for a top end Sony you can get the feature. This cheapy little box has a complete program guide and regular TVs don't?? What would it cost to include it on hundreds of thousands of TVs - practically nothing.

I am greatly disappointed and disgusted

Hi guys- a friend just got rid of a too-large-for-their-new-place plasma TV, went to buy a new hdtv yet it wasn't until after Goodwill took the "old" tv that she realized that "old" (year old) TV was the only one she found that had the on-screen OTA tv guide! what happened?? so the manufacturers are SO cheap that they got rid of the onscreen tv guides thinking hey everyone's on cable now anyway?? WHat? nooo.. the only people I know who have cable are older folks and those who are not wise enough to know that broadcast stations are available in their area (after working tech support for CATV you'd be surprised how many people dont know it even exists)

Seems all the new TVs don't have the built in TV guides... tsk tsk..

anyone know of a brand/make that still has one?
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