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Hey, hi guys! I didn't realize this old topic had received some interest.

I, too, find the report that signal quality is most important and that max signal strength may not necessarily give best quality signal.

I don't use the HW180 except to fine tweak my two antennas. I got it out again just the other day to see if I could make things a little better since brief signal dropouts at certain times during news broadcasts can obliterate the details necessary to understand a story. The wife tolerates this only because of the tremendous cost savings over cable. Also, having 'one more box' to deal with seems beyond the threshold.

The main reason though I am adding another post here is to complain! Yes, complain! The HW180 has a rather complete OTA program guide feature which I have not seen on any HDTV. I have read that if you pay $2500 for a top end Sony you can get the feature. This cheapy little box has a complete program guide and regular TVs don't?? What would it cost to include it on hundreds of thousands of TVs - practically nothing.

I am greatly disappointed and disgusted

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