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Smile is an attic mount possible?

Hi, about to cut the cable. My TVFR is: I'd like to get the major networks. Perhaps all the green and yellow channels, any ch's in the red/pink would be an extra. Our house is vinyl sided, tar roof shingles w fiberboard single layer. House is built into a hill one side is 2 stories tall , the garage side is 3 stories tall plus the attic. I canít go on the roof, too high for me. Trying to keep costs down, so want to do it myself. Therefore Iíd like to know if an attic mounted antenna can give me the green and yellow channels. Attic mounted height would be about 32í AGL. Google says my house is 219meters above sea level. Can anyone tell me if itís possible to get the basic networks in my situation with an attic mount? Would I need a rotator , or can I point it once an forget it? House is surrounded by tall trees on all sides except SW. Please let me know if Iím leaving out some detail, and Iíll supply it ASAP. Please recommend things I can find online or at radio shack. I also need to know what to buy to make it all lightning safe. Oh, it will be about a 70í run to single TV. Iíll buy new coax, again please recommend which (RG6?) Thanks in advance, love your website . Cheers, BrianH . Prospect, CT.
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