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I have installed the DB8E using a chimney mount and ran the coax down to a grounding block and into my basement. I connected the coax directly to a tv to check the signal and received over 30 channels. I then disconnected my Time Warner cable feed from the existing Time Warner 4 way splitter in hopes to send the signal to all of my existing TV sets (5), with the coax running to my cable modem disconnected. There are two additional two way splitter's after the Time Warner main splitter. At this time I was unable to find any channels on the TV's throughout my house. Is this showing the need for a distribution amp? Or is the Time Warner splitter the incorrect passive device to be used? Looking for a little advice to get me to the finish line so that I can finely "cut the cable"!! I am thinking that it really isn't neccesary at this time for the two TV's in my kids room to receive the signal, but I would like to have the capability if desired in the future.
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