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The discontinued Channel Master CM-3617B , is the antenna of choice with Tv DXers for long distance reception. .

Scroll down to and click on , Info on Crossfire VHF/FM Series .

Click on , Download high resolution version (688x937,16KB) .

The > < shaped elements at the front of the antenna are Not UHF elements.

The > < shaped elements are focusing director elements that help focus more signal on all the reception elements.


The replacement for the CM3617B , VHF / FM antenna is the CM3671B , UHF / VHF / FM antenna.

Here is some information about different Tv antennas.

Please note that the Net Gain Charts are the closest to Real World Gain and reception.


The Blonder Tongue , BTY-LP-LB , Low Band channels 2 thru 6 antenna is sold by ,


Here is a starting place to be involved with long distance and weak signal reception.


Here is a starting place to be more involved with antennas and reception.


Know this about the antenna modification web sites.

Most avoid telling the complete truth.

The complete truth is that.

All antennas are a compromise antenna design.

Their is No magic antenna modification.

Improvement of one aspect of a antenna will mean a reduction of another aspect the antennas reception.

An example is the Channel Master CM4228HD.

The antenna mod people have a lot fun pointing out the compromises that were made to the UHF reception ability of reception.

And how the UHF reception can be improved , a small amount.

What the antenna mod people leave out is the mods degrade the VHF high band reception ability of the antenna.

It is like the fishing pole.

It is true that a pole that is made for fishing for Marlin can be modified for catching gold fish , However ____________________________

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