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Originally Posted by teleview View Post

You do Know that the Professional Equipment is High Dollar.

And the Very Low Signal Strength Tv Stations are 100% Testing of reception.
Yes indeed I do, by same token in an unrelated field of enthusiasm I have is I know all I really need to have to catch fish is a cane pole, a short length of string, & a sharp hook & bait (probably could be less than $10 bucks maybe for a DIY that fishes near home on private water) yet over time I evolved into it with a bass boat loaded with electronics that cost more than the average commuter vehicle, several tackle boxes of terminal tackle & artificial lures (some large lol) & usually keep a dozen rod & reel combos in working order that function in a manner like each does a specific job/technique better than the other, similar to the way most serious golfers have 9+ clubs & a putter in the bag and may not walk the course & have a cart.
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