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Originally Posted by teleview View Post

Here are some , Light Weight , Aluminum , Free Standing , Lay Over Towers.

Do antenna installation and adjustments standing on the ground.
TY for the info Teleview..."Do antenna installation and adjustments standing on the ground" I agree wholeheartedly if it is possible, stay off the roof & ladders. Awesome stuff there, got to love the idea of "Free-Standing NO guy wires needed". I got some of those taller versions on my bucket/wish list. When I saw the bases there at that site, it reminded me of a recent experience. I have a friend that lives close by with a large older 2 story house with a metal roof. I helped put up an all home made & heavy 50 ft. mast made of 2" OD steel pipe attached to a horseshoe shaped pivot anchored into the ground attached to a block of concrete footing with holes drilled through the steel foot & lower part of the mast & a "1 OD pin (like a tractor implement uses) through it for a pivot, kind of the same manner shown & described here @ the site you showed me as it seems work on the same principle for the towers there & is a good idea. That 50'er of course is necessary to get above the metal roof & get a 360 degree view but was too much for 2 men to push/prop up by hand (we tried lol) as we used a block & tackle attached to the eves with a very long steel cable & pickup truck to erect it (lowered same way in reverse). The older house roof is too steep & slick for the average monkey to climb around on safely to put a chimney or tripod mount on so the long mast from ground level was opted for. Plus it is already there at the ground to drive in a copper rod & attach a grounding block to the mast to take care of that. We will probably be taking that one down again for the third time in about 5 years now later this summer to put something with more signal catching power on it because as of right now sadly, the only thing up on top of it is a Winegard 2000 ground plane (not bad for RV'er maybe), that replaced a Lava HD 2605 (junker imo) that had replaced an even older amplified Winegard model disk shaped ground plane that was larger than the # 2000 model but now discontinued.
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