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Thanks for the input Teleview, I take it you figure I am going to need some more extreme measures, height AGL & more robust pre-amp to send the signal through the coax to pull these 80-100 mile out channels regularly from the fringe here. I ask EMCEE in an email about pricing me that couple pre-amps and the Antennacraft Y5-2-6 low band antenna wont be any problem getting from Radio Shack but I cringe at the thought of forking out the bucks for a nice tower right now (maybe later in future) but at Home Depot I could get Channel Master CM 1850 telescopic mast seems easy enough for the time being. I think It extends out to 41 ft. & I could put my rotor atop that with another 5-6 ft. length of mast like I already have a UHF antenna & RCA pre-amp on. Not sure but I presume I would be ok putting the Y5-2-6 low band antenna 3 ft . under the HDB8X up at the top without interference.
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