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500 feet antenna height above ground will do it.


I recommend start at your current antenna height.

With your current antenna aimed at about 240 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,


To Test for reliable reception of.

WATN-TV Real UHF channel 25 , (virt) virtual number (24.1) , ABC.

WLMT-DT Real UHF channel 31 , (virt) virtual number (30.1) , CW and MyNetwork and Me-Tv.

Install a , Professional Grade Preamplifier.

EMCEE , PA-20U-75 .


20U=20dB gain amplification of UHF channels.

75= 75 ohm coax input and output. .


Can also aim the UHF antenna at about 340 degree magnetic compass direction and Test for reliable reception of.

WUWT-CD Real UHF channel 26 , (virt) virtual number (x) , America One.

WPSD-DT Real UHF channel 32 , (virt) virtual number (6.1) , NBC , Heartland and Antenna Tv.


The Tvfool reports show small improvements in signal strengths at the 60 and 80 foot antenna heights.


EMCEE also makes preamplifiers for the VHF channels.

To Test for reception of WMC-DT Real VHF low band channel 5 , (virt) virtual number (5.1) , NBC and Bounce Tv and This Tv .

Will require a separate VHF low band antenna and EMCEE VHF Preamplifier.

And can use a Antennacraft , Y5-2-6 low band antenna as a Test antenna.


The EMCEE web site is typical of professional web sites.

Not user friendly , because industry professionals already know what they are looking for , 'sort of' , in as much as they deal with the same types and kinds of equipment.

The VHF preamplifiers are not shown on the web site , however are available.

Typical of profesional web sites.


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