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Since the towers for Detroit are in Southfield, you'll likely find that NO AMP is the correct thing to do. However, if one is actually needed...

Use the LNA100 ( it's a "line" amp, not a preamp) as close to the antenna as you can. You will be limited in your placement only by the availability of a power outlet that's conveniently located to the amp. It cannot be remotely powered like a preamp.

A 30' run of RG6 will add, at most, less than 2 dB to the system noise figure. Since the amp already has an ultra-low noise figure around 1 dB, the additional insertion loss will have no more ill effect than would swapping to almost any preamp that has 2.5-3 dB NF performance.

Use passive splitters for the rest. The LNA100 has more than enough "power" (gain) for your situation.
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