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Pre-Amp or Distribution Amp?


Currently I'm in an apartment and on my 2nd floor balcony I've got a DB4e with the VHF kit and an LNA-100 pre-amp powering 3 tuners.

Soon I will be moving to an older home in Southfield, Mi. I plan on placing the antenna in the attic since it's a rental and I don't want to mess around with mounting it on the roof or chimney. When I looked at the house it looked like all of the cable was split in the basement. So, I would probably have to do at least a 30' run from the attic to the basement before it would then be split. I will likely be running 3-4 tuners.

Here's my question. Should I use one of the 4 port distribution amps in the basement and feed all the lines from that? Or only use my pre-amp up in the attic and use passive splitters in the basement. Or both?

My pre-amp isn't a very high powered one, at the end of any run there would have to be between 50-75' of coax between the antenna and TV.
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