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Attention Nascarken !!!!!!

Originally Posted by Nascarken View Post
Wow that's a lot of insert loss!!!
I would love to see ADTECK' b.nis card!!
Like antenna Direct marketing
said to ask for.
Nascarken, you need to stop trolling everybody's threads. You trolled my thread to the point that everybody complained and Admin had to eliminate your posts about not believing AD Tech is an employee of Antennas Direct. It's already been proven to you. I already told you I talked to Ben at Antennas Direct, and got a personal e-mail from AD Tech. (not "AD teck")

And, you called Rabbit a liar. You didn't believe the photo he posted from the newspaper article was actually AD Tech. It takes a lot to get under his skin and you did it! I never saw where you apologized to him.

I'm going to submit a complaint about your trolling. (Again)

Everybody's tired of hearing about your set up. Everybody has a different need for different antennas and preamps. Just because your's works great for your situation doesn't mean everybody needs a Johanssen amp and 2 "Winegrud" 8200U's 2 91XGs on a 150 foot Tower.

Get it? Not everybody needs your setup.!

Now, go away. Stop trolling.

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