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Very little has changed in TV reception technology in the past 50 years.

What HAS changed is slick marketing

Since both the noise floor present and the noise figure of the average TV tuner is far above that of most preamps, I challenge anybody to see the difference in the reception.

And the "overload" figures are also very deceptive these days.

My winegard ap-8700 was rated at 93000 microvolts on UHF and 105 microvolts on vhf and it was a better amp than the LNA 200 and had a 2.8 db noise figure

Long held standards for the amount of gain a particular antenna design produces is also out the window these days.

With gain figures using a theoretical non existent reference
Becoming the norm.

All done to make THEIR product APPEAR to be better than the other guy

Its done because it works

Today's consumers believe anything they see on YouTube and as seen on TV hucksters

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