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Originally Posted by stvcmty View Post
The two groups of channels you want are nearly 180 degrees apart, and most of the stations to the east are fairly strong. Three of the west stations are VHF. This looks like there are two ways to go about it:
1. Point a UHF antenna east. Point a VHF antenna east. Combine them with a UVSJ (UHF VHF splitter joiner).
2. Point a moderate to low UHF gain, low gain VHF antenna east, the low VHF gain will mean it will get some of the west VHF stations off the back. (Or try pointing it west, most of the east UHF’s should come in fine off the back).
Ive read that some of the Hi VHF signals can be caught off the back of some 8 bay UHF antenna's. So I was thinking maybe the DB8 could do this for me on those Hi VHF channels to the west. My problem is I have a hill behind my house so getting any of those Hi VHF channels to the west would be a gamble. Im just not sure.

I think to get me started ignoring the stations to the west for now and then later when money free's up going with a VHF and splitter as your #1 point. I might even try pointing a UHF antenna west and see if anything pops up. So Im really on the fence about the DB8 or 91XG.
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