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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
No, it doesn't. They are all (now) UHF channels, see below. Originally, they were VHF channels during their analog period.

Yes, you are.

Close, but not quite.

Look in the column under the word 'Real'. That is the channel that the signal is actually being broadcast on. Look under the column labeled "(Virtual)". That is the channel that is displayed on the TV screen and corresponds to the stations original analog channel designation. Most stations broadcast on real channels that are different from the virtual channel. Some are the same. Most of the Kansas city stations have different real and virtual channels. A greater number of the Topeka stations remained on their old analog assignment and have the same real and virtual channels.

Antenna selection is governed by the real channel; the virtual or displayed channel is pretty much ignored when selecting an antenna.

Bands (real channels):

Low-VHF - 2-6
High-VHF - 7-13
UHF - 14-51 (52-69 were sold off to the wireless companies and are no longer used for TV broadcasting)
Thanks for the clarification.

So it looks like you carry the 43XG and the 91XG. Will one of these be a good choice for me? Or the DB4e?

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