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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
The stacker is ill-suited for your location since the entire bottom half is useless for your purposes. Skip it.

You have a small TV station showing on your report on the hill just west of your house, KCKS-LD. Can you determine if it's on the air? Virtual channel 26, real channel 25.

A small UHF Yagi would be fine, no preamp needed as you should have plenty of signal.
That's interesting. The tower is an old FM radio tower. There are various other business sub leasing off that tower now. I did not know there was a TV station transmitting off of it. Even if there was I sure cant think its that important.

Would I get any of the stations west of me? I guess I would have to point the antenna away from the stations east of to try and pick those up I'm guessing?

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look for a UHF antenna.
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