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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Are you looking to mainly get the Kansas City stations shown in green and yellow on your report in the 71 to 81 degree range? If so, all of those are UHF stations and you don't need the VHF coverage of the HD Stacker. Something like the Antennas Direct DB4e should be more than adequate but the expects on the forum will weigh in with some good suggestions for you.
Will you be mounting the antenna on the roof? Are there any trees or buildings obstructing the signal path in the direction of Kansas City?
Id like to catch some of the stations to the west of me If I could. I'm not sure I will need them or not but would like to keep my options open. There is no trees or buildings around me but those stations to the west there is a hill so its entirely possible not to be able to get those anyway. I plan on mounting the antenna on the outside eave on the north side of my home which would put it 25-30ft off the ground.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will take a look at the DB4e.

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