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The DB8e UHF antenna has 2 moveable/aimable panles.

For initial setup both panels are aimed the same direction , about 268 degree magnetic compass direction.


These 2 Tv stations Very Weak Signal Strength at the 25 feet antenna height above ground as shown in the tvfool report.

WJAC-TV , NBC and Me-Tv.

WHVL-LP , MyNetwork and America One.

To see if the signal strengths improve with higher antenna heights.

Please make and post 2 more tvfool reception reports , 40 feet and 60 feet antenna heights above ground.


WJAC is minus-9.9NM(dB) and has 1 Edge Path obstruction=hill/mountain.

And will most likely require both panels aimed at 268 degree to make reception reliable.


WHVL is minus-11.4NM(dB) and has 2 Edge Path obstructions=hills/mountains and will most likely not be received reliably.

And WHVL is at 308 degree magnetic compass direction.


The signal strengths will most likely improve with higher antenna height as shown in the tvfool reports of higher antenna heights.
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