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Seeking Guidance for Antenna in Mableton GA

Hi guys...
I would appreciate some help with selecting an outdoor antenna and setup. My location is shown in suburn (Mableton) on the west side of ATL. See I am new to all this. I am doing so I am open to suggestions about location, methods, or gotcha's to avoid.
Right now, I have a set-top TERK HDTVa in the master bedroom upstairs and an inexpensive RCA HM1832 omnidirectional in a family room downstairs. Sometimes, we currently loose the signal from WXIA (11.1/10) WGCL and (46.1/19). The TV and Terk upstairs do not seem to ever be able to bring in WGTV (8.1/8) no matter where we point it even though all three sub-channels are sometimes (not always) crystal clear downstairs. WPBA (30.1/21) is usually clear upstairs but frequently not available downstairs.

I am looking at running coax and installing an outdoor antenna to some blocking behind the facia at the peak of the roof-line on the east side of the house. All of the roof across the top 2/3s of the roof-line follows a cathedral ceiling that attaches directly to the rafters. There is not attic so I am thinking it would be better to avoid roof penetrations that I would have trouble securing on the inside.
1) After 25 years in the home, I have a company that is going to be taking all of the siding, soffet, and fascia off to install hardiplank. My current plan is to ask them to install blocking behind the fascia at the peak of the roof and one of their hardie utility mounts for the antenna. There are a few large windows at the top of the wall and I would like to get the Antenna above those windows and the actual elements above the roofline.
I have not seen anything mounted that way? Is is reasonable? The base would be approx 35' above ground level and 25' above the floor of the 2nd level. If instead, I run a mast up from the ground (35') and mount the antenna on the mast, I am assuming I should plant the mast in concrete in the ground. I can secure it to the side of the house with some type of stand-off supports. For a 35-40 mast, do you guys have any suggestions about how deep I should dig the hole? Any suggestions about what materials to use?
2) The diagram seems to show the stations of interest in an arc of azimuth of 96-122 degrees from true north (
We would like to be able to reliably watch:
WGCL (46.1/19), WPCH (17.1/20), WAGA (5.1/27) WUPA (43/69.1), WATL (36.1/25), WXIA (11.1/10), WSB (2.1/39), WANN (32.1/29), WGTV (8.1/8), WPBA (30.1/21)
They would be gravy but we are not really that interested in the outliers WPXA (14.1/51 @354), WATC (57.1/41@23 or have much interest in W45dx, wdta, wtch, or wire, wyga, etc.
Any suggestions about the best type or particular antenna to use?

3) I will have about an 80-85' cable run to go from the antenna to the interior wall in the garage from which I plan to distribute the signal. Do you think that will require a pre-amp on the antenna? I am planning to use RG6. Any suggestions?

FYI - I will actually eventually have three downline feeds, the family room, master bedroom and then the guest room. The master bedroom, and family room will be <30'. The cable run to the family room will be closer to 50'.

Thanks in advance for you guys' advice.
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