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Things aren't too shabby. I can get 24 transmitters which gives me 69 channels. 47 channels are reliable or 18 transmitters. With the height difference between the 2 antennas each is able to get channels the other can't. Some of the channels that aren't reliable now used to be with the antenna mounted lower. My guess is this is mostly because of the trees. Call me crazy if you like but I'm considering a third antenna to get those other channels back. Someone offered me a free one today. I'll take a gander at it and think it over. The mast is supported very well now and could hold a third one. First I'm going to look at the tree situation some more and see if I can poke some more holes through them. Can't do much with the pines but I might be able to do something with the leafy trees to the north of me. Maybe enough to eliminate the need for a third antenna. The signals are there, just got to get them.
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