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I knew the HD7698P was not in the correct positon yesterday. Supper was waiting and I hurried and eyeballed it. It'll be tomorrow before I can aim it better. Suddenly WSB started coming in off the side of it. Of course WRCB dropped out. LOVE these atmospheic changes. At the moment I've got very few that are reliable. 7,9,12,14,18. That's about it. That's from one anteena or the other. WSB and WRCB I've got to have reliable or the womenfolk will kill me. I guess until I get that antenna aimed better I won't be able to give you good info. I'll work with the aiming tomorrow and get you better info. I'm concerned that if I get it aimed right that I won't be able to get WSB reliably off of it, the HBU55 isn't doing it now. This why I sugested mounting it on another mast. I had WSB reliably before I made these changes. Do you think I'll be able to get WSB reliably off the side? Be nice if I could. I had prefer that set-up.
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