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If I'm reading that right, doesn't it mean I shouldn't be having a problem with it. Let me tell you what's happening. Yesterday evening I was getting some great signals off of the HBU55 which is the highest antenna. That kelp up until early this morning. The 98P didn't do too well which I figured because it isn't aimed well. It's at about 325-330. Later this morning the HBU55 has became nearly useless and lower antenna has became hot. It's doing great now. Two examples, WRCB on the 55 last night was almost 90% it's 0% now, 73% on the lower 98P at present. WDEF was 100% last night on the upper antenna last night, about 40% now. 100% on the lower now. These channels did not do well on the lower antenna when I checked them yesterday evening. What do you think if I put the 98P on another lower mast with rotor so hopefully I can keep up with the atmospheric changes?
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