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Originally Posted by John Candle View Post
I do not recommend doing this type and kind of public polls. As others have done do not try and slip in sales pitches or try and do any tricks to get tvfool tied up. I can answer your questions , but because you have done this , I will not.

I'm surprised. I certainly didn't mean to offend. Why do they allow polls then if the user community finds them offensive? I thought polls where an easy way to get an opinion on a question from folks interested enough in a thread to have read it but not enough to chime in with a written answer.

If I understand correctly from between the lines you think I am promoting the HD Stacker. I am impressed with what I've read but have not financial or other stake in with them. In fact, before I stumbled on finding this antenna I was really try to find the name of the grid/bow-tie antenna I remembered from last year, a ChannelMaster 4228 or something like that.
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