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Hello....we've been working on getting everything up and running. So far so good! One question regarding grounding. Looking at the NEC illustration it seemed that they ran the grounding wire down the same path as the that's what my husband did, with bigger curves in the grounding wire, but they run down the side of the house next to each other. But then he ran across information that said they shouldn't be close to each other, should we change it?
We ended up with the Denny's husband wasn't happy just buying an antenna, so we bought several antennas....the UPS guy is our friend now! Anyway, Denny's did no better or worse then the larger ones, and it's smaller and stood up to the wind in a couple of big storms well, so my husband went with that one, and returned the others. We get all the Richmond stations (6.1,.2,.3/8.1,.2/12.1,2./23.1,.2,.3,57.1) out of Charlottesville we get the 19s and 29s and we get the 65s out of Ashland. At night we get some tropo channels from Fairfax and DC.
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