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Help finding antenna,near Richmond, VA

Hi; I'm new, rather clueless and trying to get my husband the most channels possible, since he's been kind enough to agree to ditching Dish. We live about 1/2 between Charlottesville & Richmond, Virginia. My info is at
My husband has been interested in the Denny's stacked antenna, he is hoping to get Charlottesville stations on the backend. He's also been looking at the DB8 from Antenna's Direct. Our biggest problem is that we don't know what we're doing, and we've been overloaded with information we don't understand completely. Everyone touts their product and it's hard to feel you're getting accurate information. I've been looking and it seems our area is devoid of installers, so he'll have to install himself. We were thinking of the end of the house opposite the electric and chimney. With one of those crossbar things at the eve. There are trees all around us, not directly next to the house, at least we're on a hill. (My in-laws live at the bottom of the hill and get 5 stations with their old tv antenna.) The antenna would be on the west end of the's a one story house. I'm probably missing a lot of information you need, so please excuse me and let me know what else you'd need to help with recommendations. Thank you so much for your time and bother!!
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