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Hey, guys! Great tool!

Here are a couple of my suggestions:

1. Allow the "Make Radar Plot" to open the plot in a new browser window. Currently, there is no way you go back and forth once the plot is generated forcing a re-entry of all the information should a review of the map be desired. Perhaps a right-click for the new window or a CTRL/ALT/SHIFT+click for this option.

2. Allow lat/long coordinates to be input on a single line with a delimiter. For example, our office is at 38.585361,-90.601383. Currently, it is necessary to enter each of these values in a separate box. A nice Easter egg would be to allow them both to simply be pasted into the first box and your software takes it from there.

3. Allow lat/long values to be input as degrees, minutes, and seconds without requiring they converted first.

4. Add a button to link to an FMfool evaluation for the same parameters. With all the problems with FM interference on high-VHF channels, I often find myself running an FMfool plot as well to look for potential sources of FMI.

5. The FMfool feature for predicting additional AGL for LOS is cool. Can something like that be added to TVfool for each potential step of improvement? Perhaps as an option for expanded details?

6. Occasionally, entering a street address plus a zip code will yield very unpredictable results, often off by hundreds or thousands of miles since the location software doesn't seem to restrict its street name search to the given zip code. I finally gave up and always use city+state along with the street name. Perhaps this is a glitch in the underlying Google mapping function..

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