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Funny that this thread resurrected itself. To follow up on my original post, I received the new balun from Antennas Direct in Jan 2015, but never got around to installing it. The water intrusion in the old balun evidently dried up while the balun was being shipped and I had no more problems...until this spring. We had a lot of rain this spring and the problem resurfaced...I've had really crappy UHF signals for over a month now. I have the new balun assy still sitting on a shelf in my office, so now I just need to work up the energy to pull down the antenna and install it. I just hate dealing with ladders, roofs and heights in general...anything more than three feet off the ground makes me queasy...
Well, I finally got around to installing the replacement balun that Antennas Direct sent me back in 2015 and all is back to normal with my UHF channels. As ADTech surmised the original balun did not have weep holes to allow moisture to escape. As Stereocraig suggested I used RTV sealant in the mounting hole when attaching the balun back to the mast to help keep water from getting in there in the first place.

I opened the balun and it looked pretty nasty and there was a good bit of corrosion. I am surprised that after the initial problem that it worked another 5 years before I finally had to pull it down and replace it. My son came over and helped me with the project...he is much more agile than me on a roof.
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